Artist Spotlight: Meet Fast Rising Artiste “Jeff chinoo”


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An adage says a golden fish has no hiding place,some months ago a management (Royal heritage records) contacted me for a song promo,we did it the normal process and when I listened to the song “042 chilling” and “ikebe shoki” I didn’t need a prophet to tell me that the singer is yet another talent holder to take over the screens soon. Months later I attended a seminar show @ bridge waters hotel enugu, I did the ads for the seminar in my site,and I promised the host to be there on the day it would hold,so on that day I attended as promised,after the seminar I decided to interview some people to learn if the seminar was worth the while,it was then I met ‘jeff chinoo’ sitted with some friends for refreshments, I asked him some questions and I was impressed with his polite manner having been turned down by some most people. when I asked of his name,he introduced himself as jeff chinoo the name quickly rang a bell and I recalled the cover art sent by the management for the promo,its the same guy!! Introduced myself and he gave me a warm reception. I immediately decided to have a fast interview with him and these is the outcome. Take out your time,read and enjoy.


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Gurusfiles: May we know you?

Jeff chinoo: Am jeff chinoo always the on play no pausing,aka the mic rapist,aka chimereze one of o42. The “BE MINE”, “042 chilling” and “IKEBE SHOKI” crooner as they say.

Gurusfiles: For how long have you been into music?

Jeff chinoo: (smiles) Talking about about music,its a thing that has stayed in my family right from the day one, so I can’t really figure out when I took interest in music,my whole family has a natural interest in music,most especially my dad,he plays all kinds of songs,that’s one of the reasons why I do any style of music that comes my way.The beats speaks,I can switch from reggae to hip hop,to R&B and so on though basically am much more comfortable with hip hop and Afro. when you talk about my taking a bold step in music to do something of my own,then I would say it started in 2010,that’s the first time I stepped into the studio.

Gurusfiles: Who motivates you in the industry?

Jeff chinoo: I know you might expect me to call the name of one big artiste,but funny to say,my motivation in the industry comes from the producers, I want to be more like them than just a regular performing art.Their works motivates me because each beat created has a language, so many people might not understand the language that’s why they end up making whack tracks which so many dj’s eventually turn down. When I listen to a beat,I read the language,it inspires me and I put down my story, as a matter of facts,that’s why I have so many mixtapes.
Nonetheless I appreciate the handwork of many in the industry like phyno, I recorded my first track because of him.


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Gurusfiles: How?

Jeff chinoo: Before I met him in 2013,I have always made the studio my second home,as I said ealier I stepped into the studio in 2010,a friend of mine wanted me to backup his song for when he went into the booth,I sat with the producer before the monitor’s screen,and I just took so much interest in what he was doing,after that a couple of days later,I went back to the same studio and started taking production tutorials .so about phyno, I happened to be present. In one of his shows,he was shown so much love by the fans and I was like,if he can make it,so can I.I was so excited watching him perform in my language. So when I got back to the studio the next day,I gave the microphone a try and my first track “oginidi”came out pretty fine,it was produced by dj robintonz.

Gurusfiles: so that is to say you are a producer?

Jeff chinoo:(laughs) yeah somehow,but not fulfilled yet,I still got a long way to go?

Gurusfiles: Have you produced any song yourself?

Jeff chinoo: (laughing) I guess my answer to that has to be silence for now.

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Gurusfiles: are you signed to a record label?

Jeff chinoo: well,about that. I won’t actually call it a proper label,its just something I formed for identification for now yes, am in a record label ROYAL HERITAGE RECORDS.

Gurusfiles: would you accept a contract with another label if you are opportuned?

Jeff chinoo: sharply! (Yes of course) “no time to check time” I will if the contract is a good one,all I have to do is just to settle some issues with my management,but my stillborn plan and prayer is that it(the label) grows big eventually whether I get signed to any other label or not.

Gurusfiles: do you have some other artistes in your record label?
Jeff chinoo: yep, I got a rapper “da humane” and another rapper sneezy currently signed to ghost generation music “GGM”he might join us soon.


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Gurusfiles: when is your album set to drop?

Jeff chinoo: anytime soon.

Gurusfiles: how many collabo’s have you done so far?

Jeff chinoo: I have been featured in a songs like love-lost by sneezy, am I mad? by slim prinz and a host of other songs many but a few to mention. I have also featured many artistes in my tracks, the likes of rapdibia,rayclinz,ai,major blings,slim prinz,mish,skeke,sneezy,valjay e.t.c.

Gurusfiles: which is your best collabo?

Jeff chinoo: my best collabo is not yet out? I hope to feature phyno and niyola in the nearest future,I like what those two are putting out,as i speak now the song is already planned out but am yet to contact any of them,still making plans for the finance.for now my best two collabo’s are 042 chilling ft rapdibia and Ikebe shoki ft slimprinz onyeze.


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Gurusfiles: any title for your album yet?

Jeff chinoo: yeah,No cross No glory.I have always nursed that in my mind right from time.

Gurusfiles: tell us about your song “aunty nneka”

Jeff chinoo: woah! Eehm the song actually was not planned,its a beat produced by don jazzy,when I got to the studio that day slim prinz on d beat was remaking the beat,I kind of took interest and tried out a short freestyle,I was like,slim let’s kill this beat,am not so good @ freestyling so immediately I took out my pen and paper,dropped some words and we killed the beat, download it through goggle search its a sure banger.


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Gurusfiles: can you date a celebrity?

Jeff chinoo: love is all that matters,I don’t care who I date,talking about dating a celebrity as a matter of fact I will admit that I have a screen-crush”Rita dominic”.

Gurusfiles:what are the characters of your ideal woman?

Jeff chinoo: simple,no forming,no pretense,loving and caring.

Gurusfiles: your best food?

Jeff chinoo: anything edible,as you can see looking @ my table they are different collections (laughs) I don’t eat much ooh, but I consumed what comes my way and looking @ my body build am sure you can see the evidence.

Gurusfiles: please three more questions and we go,then maybe I can join you and consumed some of these goodies (laughs)

Jeff chinoo:(smiles) you can take as much time as you want.

Gurusfiles: what are the challenges so far in the industry.

Jeff chinoo: trying very hard to blend into what’s in vogue and secondly finance and support,if am able to fix these two things I will just be fine.

Gurusfiles: what would you do as the president of this country if you were one?
Jeff chinoo: support the entertainment industry and build good roads,I will always mention the Road thing because I lost my aunt and her husband in a car accident due to bad road,and moreover thousands of lives has been wasted on the roads. I hope this government brings an effective change.

Gurusfiles: one last words to you fans.

Jeff chinoo: first of all I thank the lord,and I send a big shout out to my fans out there,without you I can’t be chinoo, you made me who I am and I promise to return back something nice to the society when I make it. Thanks to team RHR. Thanks to my friends and well wishers,my producers slim prinz,Dj robitonz,kaythur and all other producers and yet to work with out there. keep it up you are doing a nice job. May God see us to the top, & one love.

Gurusfiles: And once Again Thanks for your time

Jeff chinoo: I will be glad if you call again, and You can as well Reach me on twitter @jeffchinoo_1304

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